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7 Positive Messages Provided By Procrastination

Do you procrastinate? Rather than viewing procrastination as a poor leadership quality, something to train out of, set judgement aside and consider your procrastination may carry a message for you. You can use this message to increase your productivity.

Teamwork and brainstorming concept with businessmen seated around a table each pointing to cards with colorful sketches of light bulbs conceptual of bright ideas and solutions arranged in a circle.

Collaboration: Building Shared Vision in Your Organization

This article shares a three step process to build shared vision and get more done in an organization, knowing everyone on the team is truly on board.

Project Management Tips

Project Management: Are you biting off more than you can chew?

When it comes to project management, how can you assure you are not biting off more than you can chew? This article will tell you.

What Works Consultants, Inc is a Nevada Emerging Small Business

What Works Consultants, Inc is an Emerging Small Business in Nevada

What Works Consultants, Inc is a Nevada Emerging Small Business

Be on a TV Show: Now Seeking Guests for Crappertunity Intervention

Critical Opportunity Theory is at the core of Crappertunity Intervention, a show which will be filmed for the Divine Spirit Network August 17-19, 2018. The show is seeking guests and sponsors.

Hiring to Company Culture

Is your company culture more than writing on the wall? If your company is operating on plaques versus practice, this article may help.

Real visioning process, teaches you how to create and use vision boards for real results. Yes, this is fun

Envision Your Intention for 2018

Your psyche has all the data you need to unlock your real potential. Yet, the arts and crafts project vision board, in my opinion, hurts rather than helps you. Here are the elements of a real vision board.

Diane Dye Hansen teaches you how to accomplish more in a day.

5 Ways to Accomplish More in a Day

Every day, we are granted the same 24 hours. And, every day, some portion of that is wasted. Stop wasting time. Accomplish more. Read on!

In a sea of sad feeling, you can still shift and be happy.

3 Steps to Change Your Mood and Energy

Have you ever just felt, blah? Like, you felt so blah you couldn’t shake it? The solution to shaking the...

Our values define us

5 Reasons Why Values Matter

Values are the compass individual and companies use to guide their journeys. Unfortunately, too many lie about their why. They justify what they are doing to society, to their colleagues, to the board, all while ignoring the internal compass that says no no no.