Human Resources Leaders: Communicate, Attract and Hire

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What Works Consultants, Inc. helps companies attract, communicate to, and hire the talent they need.

We work to meet your organization’s hiring needs, goals, and timelines. More than a recruiter or headhunter, we look at your total communication strategy for recruitment to assure you are doing all you can to attract the right talent to meet your goals.

All services are 100% customized to your organization’s needs:

  • Discovery: We will review your recruitment communication strategy and provide suggestions for improvement which can be done with you, using your in house team.
  • Planning: We can create a recruitment communication plan that will best position your mission, vision, values, and needs to save you money when attracting talent and give you a process to put into action every time you hire.
  • Implementation: Utilize us as a done for you recruiter ($5,000 per person, per position, 50% retainer/50% contingency) and/or tap into our partner firms to create a done for you recruitment campaign.

What Works Consultants, Inc. is a single-source provider for your talent sourcing and employment communications needs. Are we a good fit for what you need right now? Contact us to receive a complimentary needs assessment.