Critical Opportunity Theory

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What Works Consultants, Inc. is the only consulting firm in the nation which uses Diane Dye Hansen’s Critical Opportunity Theory. This theory was developed at the University of Southern California and has created a systematic approach to creating opportunity from any level of problem. This ranges from a suspected problem to an organizational crisis. Critical Opportunity Theory applies to individuals as well as organizations who are looking for a new way to manage change, solve problems, and uncover opportunity.

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Critical Opportunity Theory

The Jist of It

There is one thing you can control in this world, and it’s yourself! Everything else is either inside your sphere of influence or outside of it. One thing that occurs when uncertainty happens is we grasp for what has worked for us before. Sometimes that behavior is productive and helps us come into awareness, consciousness, and humility about the situation. Other times, that behavior is based on what has worked for us in the past but is actually quite toxic. These toxic safety blankets pile up and result in clouded vision, diminished analytical ability, and ultimately getting “stuck” in the problem versus stepping in the solution.

Critical Opportunity Theory trains leaders to become the researchers of themselves and their organizations.

  • What counter-productive behaviors and actions have a direct correlation to failure.
  • How these “toxic safety blankets” perpetuate patterns which result in lost time, productivity, and revenue.
  • What the telltale signs are of a leader who is exhibiting downward spiraling behavior.
  • How to pull themselves out of old patterns and into awareness, consciousness, and humility about the problem at hand.
  • Why having a researcher’s mindset when approaching problems allows for more focus, clarity, and analytical ability than solving problems from a place of assumption.
  • What elements, when combined, result in greater emotional intelligence, accountability, team work, strategy, and long-term success.
  • Why embracing problems as an opportunity to learn, grow, heal, or choose a different direction is essential in modern leadership.

Opportunities with Critical Opportunity Theory

Critical Opportunity, the book which is currently being presented to major publishers takes the fear out of having problems and encourages readers to become curious when the world tells them NO. Major publishers interested in considering this book, please contact Randy Peyser to receive a book proposal.

The Power of Crappertunity is Diane Dye Hansen’s documentary which will be produced in August 2018, produced by Divine Spirit Network. The documentary is currently seeking guests who are located in or are willing to travel to Los Angeles. Those featured must be entrepreneurs who have faced down major problems, challenges, or crisis in life and have come out on top.  Contact Diane Dye Hansen to be considered.