Envision Your Intention for 2018

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Unpopular opinion time. But this is what makes me a thought leader, right? 😉

Real visioning process, teaches you how to create and use vision boards for real results. Yes, this is fun

Real visioning process, teaches you how to create and use vision boards for real results. Yes, this is fun – but it also works!

I am deeply disturbed by the direction traditional vision board classes are taking. A very powerful tool for communicating directly with your psyche has been turned into a glorified arts and crafts project. Thus, it’s lost a lot of respect as a tool for business and life. Vision boarding, in the wrong teacher’s hands, becomes nothing more than a scrapbooking project for wishes and dreams. Then, add the current trend of drinking and doing the process and you have a complete mess. I have nothing against alcohol. However, altering consciousness while trying to access it seems to be a bit counter productive, don’t you think?

How serious are you about visioning? Well, do you want it to work?

Do you want your visioning work to actually work or is it a checkbox or “fun thing” you do for the new year? My classes are fun, awesomely fun! But they are also serious business, which is why they work. Every year, for the past three years, I have been doing Visions and Intentions, a vision board workshop which gets past every expectation or ego pull you have and gets down to the business of what your psyche really wants. When you get down to that level, your ability to manifest increases.

It’s like starting a business, when all the data says not to, and wondering why its failing.

Your psyche has all the data you need to unlock your real potential. Yet, the arts and crafts project vision board, in my opinion, hurts rather than helps you.

Real vision board work will…

  1. Remove the ego. There are things society tells us to want and then there’s what we really want. Sometimes these two things are vastly different. My process gets directly to your psyche, helps you drop expectations, and listen to the small still voice inside.
  2. Focus by eliminating white space. White space means there’s room for things outside of your intention. But when you are doing focus work, you need focus! If there’s a bunch of stuff and white space, where does your eye go? To the white space!
  3. Help you drop expectations. Even in lay out, our expectations come to the surface. “I want it to say that.” “I want these phrases to come together and it’s not working.” If its not working, it’s not going to work. I teach you how to drop expectations and let your board, and your life, flow!
  4. Listen to the small guiding voice. We all have it. Some call is conscience. Some call it wisdom. A few call it Spirit. This is the tool we use to create your intention and your focus word. This is also why we don’t drink. This comes as the final exercise and if you are a glass or two in, you have numbed your connection with that small voice. So this is a no numbing zone. You can come numbed if you need to. But why set yourself up not to get the most out of this process?

My process is my own. I didn’t attend someone else’s workshop and copy the format. It’s based on Jungian work I have done over the years paired with proven research on awareness, acceptance, and path formation. When you leave my workshop, you have a visual representation of your psyche’s message to you. Subconscious becomes conscious. You then pair a conscious affirmation with the vision board and choose a focus word for your new year that aligns with this. When subsconscious and consciousness combine, you have a powerful tool.

There is a reason both men and women return to this workshop year after year. It works. I’ve been using my own process on myself since 2012.

Watch your true desires manifest with this tool.

The only way to get this process is to come to my live workshop. Or, if you purchase live and cannot attend, to be delivered the replay of the workshop so you can do it at home. The workshop will be recorded. Live attendance is limited to 30 attendees, fully packed. We have a new venue this year that has tripled the size due to demand.


All poster board, pens, scissors, and magazines will be provided. This workshop has space for no more than 30 people.

Magazines available:

Better Homes and Gardens
Yoga Journal
Fast Company
O Magazine
Clean Eating
Food Network

TICKETS ARE $20. To secure your seat, pay online. Only if we are not sold out will cash be taken at the door.

Purchase your seat here. One email address per registrant, please. If you cannot attend, please respond to your confirmation email REPLAY ONLY.

If you are ready to vision AND manifest in 2018, join me.


Purchase the event and get a ticket to the live event and access to the replay. If you cannot attend the event, the replay will teach you how to do the process at home.

Sign up to attend.


January 19, 2018
Adams Hub for Innovation
177 W. Proctor Street
Carson City, NV 89703
5:30 PM – 8:30 PM PST


Available by JANUARY 31.