Free Coaching on Motivation Monday at Adams Hub for Innovation

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Motivation Monday is now live at Adams Hub for Innovation

Motivation Monday is now part of the free coaching offerings from What Works Coaching at Adams Hub for Innovation

Adams Hub for Innovation is a business incubator which works with clients nationwide. Today, What Works Coaching is so proud to announce we are jumping into the mix by joining Adams Hub in a strategic alliance. This cooperation will allow both of us to do more to help business owners. But you don’t have to be in Northern Nevada to benefit. Entrepreneurs both inside and outside the state of Nevada are welcome to take part. Get motivated, grow, and scale up to create great things. It all kicks off February 6 with Motivation Monday.

What is Motivation Monday?

From 10:00 am until 2:00 pm every Monday, at Adams Hub for Innovation, Diane Dye Hansen, Chief Inspiration Officer of What Works Coaching and columnist for Carson Now, will be providing free coaching to business leaders and entrepreneurs. You can take part in Motivation Monday for free in-person. If you are an Adams Hub client, you have the option of an in-person or phone session. The free coaching offer is good when scheduled through Adams Hub and is available on an appointment basis.

Setting the week is an important step in motivation and doing it with the benefit of coaching is powerful. Diane will sit down in person with Adams Hub clients, and non-clients, to show them the process of setting a week up for success. This process creates momentum, identifies potential trouble spots, and helps you recognize opportunities. This allows you to create executable week-long plans that get results. Each session wraps up with an affirmation which acts as weekly goal reinforcement.

These 30-minute power appointments will kickstart the week off with motivation to set your week up for success. The sessions use the following What Works Coaching process as a format.

  • Review existing calendar appointments
  • Review stated goals
  • Identify areas of opportunity
  • Identify pitfall zones
  • Develop a weekly strategic goal
  • Create a weekly affirmation

Each part of the process is timed. The result is a powerful 30-minute session where leaders walk out with a clear plan for the week.

What can Motivation Monday do for you?

Business leaders who go through Monday Motivation, on a regular basis, report serious results.

  • Greater motivation
  • Increased clarity
  • More confidence
  • Renewed consciousness
  • A clear, strategic, direction for the week

Getting a coaching perspective on how the week ahead will be spent pays off.

The first Motivation Monday session is free at Adams Hub for Innovation. After the first free coaching session, you may want to continue your practice. Additional sessions are $50. Packages can be purchased, at a discount, in one month or three-month increments. The packages include all Mondays in that month. Psst… in May, there are five Mondays!

To schedule the free session, available only through Adams Hub for Innovation, call 775-222-0001 or email them. 

Book in advance. Motivation Monday starts on February 6.