Talent Recruitment Services

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What Works Consultants, Inc. Helps You Understand How to Bring in the Right Human Resources for Mission Accomplishment.

Spend less time looking for employees.

Pay less in recruitment fees and advertising costs.

Protect your brand.

We help you build the team your company deserves.

Are you tired of high percentage of salary agreements, sifting through piles of resumes, or impersonal human resources consulting practices? We are here to help!

Need to build your team? Ask yourself…

Is What Works Leadership Recruitment right for you?

Here are some typical scenarios clients bring to us.

Can’t Afford a National Recruiter

Large national recruiters can charge up to 20% of an employees salary to hire. Yes, many of these firms are full contingency. However, when you are hiring 5-10 employees with a minimum salary of $50,000 a year, that’s a big chunk out of your budget! What Works Recruitment operates on a 50% retainer/50% contingency basis. Even at our highest rate, we don’t come close to 20% of your candidate’s salary. This gives you the flexibility you need to negotiate compensation and use your human resources budget differently. Don’t want to work on a retainer, no problem. We will work on a 15% of salary contingency basis if you prefer.

You Want to Keep Your Competition in the Dark

High profile advertising and mass emails to candidates can impact your brand and tip your competition off to your growth. Competitive advantage can be gained by seeing the type of employee someone is hiring and adjusting service offerings to match. You may be getting a lot of resumes. But you may also be revealing precious business intelligence to your competitors. At What Works Recruitment, we use professional organizations, social media, and other methods to find your employees. We don’t use your budget for advertising. Rather, we have personal conversations that assure the candidates we send are well-screened and a fit for you!

Your Culture is Unique

Your company culture is an important part of the way you do business. Protect it by hiring employees who are already in alignment with what you accomplish. We don’t dump resumes on you. We carefully screen potential employees by asking them questions which measure how aligned they are with your company culture. That way, you can rest easy knowing that they don’t just look good on paper. They are good for your company.

You are Located in a Rural Area

Rural areas offer recruitment challenges all their own. Yet, you still have a hospital to run, a data center to operate, or a new company to grow. Your location shouldn’t limit your talent choices. We specialize in nationwide searches for rural areas. National firms might get the candidate. But sometimes they don’t sell why its great to live in a rural area. We get to know your community and help your candidates understand what it would be like to live there before they even talk to you. So you spend less time selling your town, and more time screening the candidate.

  • Flat rate recruitment fees based on project size (eliminate costly % of salary contracts)
  • Personal interviewing, no mass emails to potential employees
  • Dedicated recruiter assigned to your company
  • Single point of contact throughout the recruitment process
  • Company culture match screening
  • Screening of resumes before you get them
  • Your future employee is our client too, interested clients receive complimentary career coaching when selected for an interview
  • HR leaders get one hour of consulting a month for every month we are contracted

Our retainer includes:

  • Help writing job descriptions
  • Market competitive salary research
  • A recruitment communication assessment

National recruitment firms can charge 20% or more of a candidates salary to simply source talent. We make recruitment easier for you.

How easy can recruitment be? Contact us to find out!

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute recruitment assessment for more information.