What We Do

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What Works Consultants, Inc. helps organizations in crisis or transition identify opportunity and take action to create results. We do this through:

1) Strategic Communication Consulting – We help organizations understand who they are communicating to and how to communicate with them. In times of crisis or transition, often there are many interested parties with a variety of interests. We do the research that is necessary to communicate in a strategic way.

2) Change Management Consulting – We help organizations see how change can be executed and how to make that change stick! We do this through research, consulting recommendations, leadership training, and developing action plans to enact change.

3) Recruitment Consulting – We consult on company culture as well as help companies hire the right people for the positions they want filled. We do this on a half retainer, half contingency basis.

4) Critical Opportunity Consulting – We dissect crisis and challenge situations and research what is possible within them to shine a light on opportunities leaders may not have otherwise seen. We use our proprietary Critical Opportunity Theory to do this important change work.

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What Works Consultants Scope of Services