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Business Problems Should NEVER Be Faced Alone.

We save you time, money, and provide increased certainty within people operations by assessing your company’s challenges, creating specific action plans for improvement, and helping you follow through to create organizational resilience and execute smart change management.

We do this by:
  • Performing assessments to understand the root cause of your situation
  • Completing gap analysis between your current state and ideal state
  • Driving process development and communication strategies
  • Creating project and implementation plans
  • Collecting and reporting on key metrics
  • Working directly with executives to assure the initiative produces bottom-line results
We also help drive employee performance better than standard annual performance reviews through our Performance Improvement Plan service. We facilitate employee KPI conversations to develop a shared vision of what successful performance looks like and deliver key results by providing coaching and tools for talent and leadership development.

Business problems shouldn’t be faced alone. Contact us today for a complimentary 30-minute consultation to see how What Works Consultants can help you with your people operations.

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Allyson Lambert

Training Development Consultant

Allyson develops training methodology for WWC. This includes writing training
materials, including, but not limited to: manuals, online courses, handouts,
workbooks, comprehension tests, instructor scorecards, and more. She
assesses trainee capacity and learning style to fill knowledge gaps, writing
training materials to match the general education level of the individuals
being trained.

Madhuri Manjunath, MBA-C

Research and Operations Specialist

  • Conducting primary and secondary research to determine current state and the development of best practice
  • Discovering and documenting operational processes
  • Supporting WWC consultants with project needs


The skins on the wall and companies we believe in.



We believe no one should face business problems alone. Allow us to be your professional trusted advisor to give you the outside perspective you need.


We believe that your management consultant should be your confidant, someone who is easy to talk to and accessible. We deliver what you need in a firm yet empathetic way. 


We are outcome-driven and committed to results. We help our clients realize their goals, solve problems, and dare to take big action.

We will connect with any business owner for 30 minutes at no cost. See if What Works Consultants is the right fit to help you innovate in uncertain times.


Companies That Work With Us
Personality is important when working with strategic topics and the energy, excitement and drive to layout a plan and keep the momentum going is important to any engagement.  Far to often I have worked with consultants where complacency settles in half way through the project.  Diane keeps the momentum going and creates self-accountability through outlining and scheduling her ever step.  Diane is not afraid to speak her mind when its necessary.  This is key for founders who need to hear the truth and not a politically driven or sugar coated presentation.  Diane does this effectively and constructively as to keep the leadership’s lens on the topic that are important and keep “the little” stuff at bay. Delivering transparency to areas of the business in need of stronger planned execution.  There were areas that Diane brought to the table that provided real-world guidance to the company.  Brand, marketing and product positioning were key areas of strength that she was able to deliver. A sound and responsible/cost effective approach with a mindfulness of the company’s growth stage where very helpful in getting the best value with a limited budget.  Diane was versatile in the business needs, jumping from a branding and position conversation/topic to evaluating financial projections. Diane holds herself accountable for results with integrity.  She maintains a visual/written game-plan and tracks the incremental progress for the business.  Diane holds herself accountable by frequently asking “is this adding value”. Or “is this what you were expecting”. She expresses genuine concern on her own performance and that of her clients. Diane is a strong communicator with the right-level of enthusiasm toward the business’s progress and goals.  She has an elevated level of excitement and professional delivery.  Though the meetings with Diane were by phone and one by live video, its apparent she can command attention when needed and keep the topic and conversation moving productively.  Owners/Founders tend to talk and pitch often, yet Diane has a polished and structured communication style that’s puts the meeting back on track and keeps the conversation on a value-driven track.   Each minute counts for Diane and it shows.  Even for a smaller company with a small budget, we got big-account attention and certainly pushed the line forward. In conclusion, we will be engaging with Diane frequently for strategy, marketing and sales planning.  She will be instrumental in help this company make the best decision possible even at the early stages.  These stages will have a profound impact on the long term financial success and viability of the shareholders investments and we are certain that Diane will be part of the team to deliver.
Stephen Sinclair, CEO