News: What Works Recruitment Recruits Top Talent

Today, What Works Coaching officially opened the doors to new direct recruitment contracts through its sister company, What Works Recruitment.  What started as the fulfillment of a consulting client need has grown into its own division specializing in locating specialized and educated employees for today’s complex companies.

We recruit to fit your culture.

We interview every client company to determine cultural fit needs, screen resumes, and hire for select positions on a flat rate basis. We’ve eliminated the disincentive of negotiating salary when dealing with a recruitment agency by instituting a flexible flat-rate structure and per-position agreements. That’s right, we don’t have to handle all your recruiting. But after we send our superstars your way, you might want to!

Never impersonal. Always supportive.

What Works Recruitment is supported by a team of supportive, caring, and best of all, personal recruiter who truly focus on the applicant and their fit with our client companies. Plus, every applicant is supported with 30 minutes of complimentary career coaching once you decide to interview them! It’s a unique model which assures we deliver well-screened, talented, and capable individuals for you to interview.

Pure talent sourcing.

What Works Recruitment does not do testing, drug/alcohol screening, or other HR procedures at this time. What we do is save you time and money in sorting through applicants and give you great candidates to interview.

Companies: Contact Diane Dye Hansen to see if our service is a fit for you.

Applicants: Connect with our lead recruiter, Heather Douglass, on LinkedIn to see if we have a position which fits your skill set!

Daily Greatness Accountability Coaching
Mindset: Discover Your Daily Greatness Through Accountability
The Daily Greatness Business Journal costs $50, but you can get it for free when you schedule accountability services with What Works Coaching.
The Daily Greatness Business Journal costs $50, but you can get it for free when you schedule accountability services with What Works Coaching.

A year ago, I began using the Daily Greatness Yoga Journal. I can’t believe it has been in a year. In that time, my relationship with myself, my health practices, and how I schedule myself has completely changed. I dropped 25 pounds. I feel better. This year, I started applying the Daily Greatness Business Journal to the business practices of What Works Coaching. The result has been more strategic partnerships, more content for you to enjoy, and building a family of superstar clients. It’s only been two weeks!

What’s the secret? Accountability, process, and flexibility. The three work hand in hand.

Stop me when this sounds familiar.

Example: You want to commit to accountability but you skip a day. You feel like you’ve blown it. You can’t hold to this new habit, practice, discipline for a week or two without messing up. The stick comes out and you start beating yourself up. Whatever you’ve been trying to do gets put on the shelf.

I know I relate. Do you?

Success comes with process and flexibility.

Fortunately, the Daily Greatness journals don’t have hard dates attached to them. I have “blown it” for a month or more and come back into my accountability practice. Overall, in the sum of the year, a month or two of oops is still majority win.

So, I decided to reach out to Daily Greatness to let them know I would like to start coaching my clients using their Daily Greatness Business Journal. I didn’t hear back directly. But, I did get this nifty discount code.

Then, I had an idea.

What if, I gave clients (new or existing) who booked my most popular accountability package the Daily Greatness Business Journal for FREE? I decided I would do it. And, I would structure my already popular text and email accountability program around What Works Coaching practices and using the journal!

What’s in my accountability package normally?

  • An hour long coaching call to address your challenges and apply them to how you will use the journal.
  • Five days a week of emails (48 hour response time)
  • Five days a week of texts (24 hours response time)
  • Use every day or just one or two. How you use it is up to you!
  • An hour recap coaching call to review your progress, fine tune anything that needs it, and send you off for success.

I am so excited about doing this. I can pilot this with 20 CLIENTS. That’s it. I’ll even start a very neat Facebook mastermind group with it, during the pilot phase, for no extra charge. So, book a customized accountability package and get a Daily Greatness Business Journal for free (A $50 value)! As soon as I see your order come through, I will order your journal. When it arrives, our work begins! What a great way to get a journal that will guide you for the rest of the year (or two, or however long it takes you to finish) and a solid month of coaching to kick it off!

Get Accountable – Schedule Here

Be part of our new book!


Sometimes, the idea is right and the timing is wrong. In 2009, I started a book about people who have climbed the ladder of life and succeeded despite some of the most challenging circumstances. The response I got was amazing. The response that still hangs in my mind is John Paul DeJoria. You would be stunned by the environment he rose out of to become not only one of the most well-known names in hair products, but also the co-founder of The Patron Spirits Company.

open book

Now, the time is right and I have started putting the word out. This book will happen.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Celebrities
  • Business Owners
  • Every Day People

These people have risen out of stunning situations and have beat extraordinary odds to reach the top of their game (whatever that game may be).

If that sounds like you, please, email me personally. Tell me your story. This will be the first in a series of inspirational, functionally useful, books based on real life stories. Your story will be told and a What Works Coaching practice will be applied to it. I’ll also be creating a supplemental workbook to go along with it.

Here’s my production timeline:

  • Gather and sort stories: June/July 2014
  • Notify and gain permission/releases from participants: August 2014
  • Write the book: September/October 2014
  • Gain page approvals from participants: October/November 2014
  • Finalize and release the book: December 2014

Its a tight schedule, but I’m excited to make it happen. The workbook will be released either in conjunction with the book or a few months later.

Again, if you want to be part of this or are a publicist with a client you feel would be a great fit, please, email me personally.

To your ongoing success,

Diane Dye Hansen
Chief Inspiration Officer
What Works Coaching

What Works for Northern Nevada Scholarship

scholarshipNevada is a known incubator for business. If you own/operate a business in Nevada within 100 miles of Carson City and need a hand up, the What Works for Northern Nevada Scholarship may be able to help. Each month, we invest $1,000 in tuition to five different students. ($200 award each) The award may be specific, such as entry into a live or online workshop, or general – to be used for general business help.




To qualify for the scholarship, the business must be:

  • Currently in existence (doing business now)
  • Located in Nevada within 100 miles of Carson City
  • Exhibit a clear need for business help

Qualified? Apply for the scholarship now!