Continuous Quality Improvement for Service Organizations

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At What Works Consultants, we are committed to transforming your business processes and augmenting the efficiency and quality of your services through continuous quality improvement. We operate from the Dallas Metroplex, in North Dallas, Frisco, Texas, with remote consultants in every time zone.

We drive continuous quality improvement by applying the Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) model. This trusted strategy promotes continuous improvement across numerous businesses in various sectors. WWC clients are in healthcare, industrial services, food and beverage, and other service industries where failure to change can quickly impact the customer and the bottom line.

Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) Model

The PDSA model, also recognized as the Deming Cycle (PDCA), is a systematic succession of steps geared towards the continuous improvement of products, processes, and services. WWC specifically focuses on service improvement. This includes service to employees, customers, patients, and other stakeholders.

The four-stage process of Plan, Do, Study, and Act empowers organizations to pinpoint improvement areas, test changes, scrutinize the results, and impeccably integrate thriving strategies across their operations.

The Service Improvements Created by PDSA

Integrating the PDSA model into your business operations reaps numerous benefits, such as:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The PDSA model refines processes, curtails waste, and bolsters efficiency.
  • Diminished Risk: The ‘Do’ phase introduces changes on a minor scale, mitigating potential risk and facilitating swift error correction.
  • Increased Flexibility: The PDSA cycle lays the foundation for adaptability, enabling your business to effectively react to evolving situations.
  • Improved Quality: The model emphasizes perpetual learning and improvement, culminating in a consistent upliftment in the quality of your services.


As your dependable Continuous Improvement Consultant, proudly headquartered in the Dallas Metroplex in Frisco, Texas, What Works Consultants specializes in proficiently implementing the PDSA model within your organization.

Our expert team will collaborate closely with your operations, aligning with your specific requirements, and utilizing the PDSA model to encourage continuous service improvement and elevated customer satisfaction.



We start every engagement with extra study with problem-solution research and gap analysis. We looking at your organization, industry best practices, and management trends.


Then we develop actionable recommendations for you to consider. We believe any consultant who walks straight in and only recommends best practices is only looking at half of your problem-solution equation.


Our Transformation Consultants walk beside you as you pilot recommendations, making incremental changes that help you gain the confidence to execute transformative change.


We conduct pre and post-studies to measure mastery within your organization. We study employee success and customer experience. What we do best is help you understand the human impact of your continuous improvement initiatives so your change doesn’t create turnover, customer loss, or confusion in your organization.


We take what you have learned and create improvement plans, help you align your own resources as well as vet vendors, who can help you go big with your new game plan. This includes helping you with internal communications that cement the improvement into your organizational practices.

And then we repeat for the next initiative… and the next… becoming a trusted advisor you can approach anytime you need us.

Are you ready to embrace continuous improvement? Reach out to us. Let’s jointly embark on your journey towards achieving quality excellence and refined operational efficiency.