Critical Opportunity Method

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The Jist of It

There is one thing you can control in this world, and it’s yourself! Everything else is either inside your sphere of influence or outside of it. One thing that occurs when uncertainty happens is we grasp for what has worked for us before. Sometimes that behavior is productive and helps us come into awareness, consciousness, and humility about the situation. Other times, that behavior is based on what has worked for us in the past but is actually quite toxic. These toxic safety blankets pile up and result in clouded vision, diminished analytical ability, and ultimately getting “stuck” in the problem versus stepping in the solution.

Critical Opportunity Method trains leaders to become the researchers of themselves and their organizations.

  • What counter-productive behaviors and actions have a direct correlation to failure.
  • How these “toxic safety blankets” perpetuate patterns which result in lost time, productivity, and revenue.
  • What the telltale signs are of a leader who is exhibiting downward spiraling behavior.
  • How to pull themselves out of old patterns and into awareness, consciousness, and humility about the problem at hand.
  • Why having a researcher’s mindset when approaching problems allows for more focus, clarity, and analytical ability than solving problems from a place of assumption.
  • What elements, when combined, result in greater emotional intelligence, accountability, team work, strategy, and long-term success.
  • Why embracing problems as an opportunity to learn, grow, heal, or choose a different direction is essential in modern leadership.

Sometimes a challenge or transition gets you stuck when your organization is stuck in certain behaviors.

Do you identify with any of these?

  • Denial (It’s not happening.)
  • Disavowal (I can justify why its happening.)
  • Ego (What’s happening is because I’m too good or not good enough.)
  • Numbing (I’ll just drink until what is happening goes away.)
  • Dissociation (I’m going to distract myself so what’s happening doesn’t bother me.)
  • Victimhood (I am the reason it’s happening.)
  • Blame (You are the reason it’s happening, or something/someone deserves shame.)
  • Isolation (I am going to hide from what’s happening and not talk to anyone.)
  • Joining Forces with Hate (It’s happening and I am going to find as many people as possible who are as sad, upset, angry, as I am.)
  • Hopelessness (There is no hope in what is happening.)
  • Powerlessness (I have no power over what is happening.)
  • Inaction (I’m not going to do anything about what is happening.)
  • Miracle Seeking (This person, purchase, action, fill in the blank here, is the total solution to what is happening.)
  • Giving Up (I’m done with what is happening and walking away permanently.)

These blankets served us because they worked for us at the time.

Think of a time when you held one of these attitudes and everything worked out just fine. It’s not all bad all the time! That’s why we snuggle up with these behaviors and actions.

Try piling on the toxic safety blankets, though, and it gets hot really quick!

Critical Opportunity Theory - Crappertunity - Teaching Model
Critical Opportunity Theory – Crappertunity – Teaching Model

It’s time to free yourself from the toxic safety blankets!

This is what I hope my theory and the products I have created will do for you, to help you recognize when you are turning up the heat on yourself or your organization by falling into one of the seven, researched and identified, elements of failure.

I also want you to get used to celebrating yourself, because you are AWESOME! Any time you uncover something about yourself, CELEBRATE! receive a complimentary consultation to see if Critical Opportunity Theory could help you, contact us.

You have the power to change the way you face challenges forever.

Ultimately, my goal is to teach you how you can turn any problem (I call them all critical situations) into a gold mine where you will find nuggets of truth – bits of opportunity you wouldn’t have found if it weren’t for that critical moment where you decided to make a change.

Now is that time!

Benefit from a researched and tested process.

All of this is the result of years of studying resilient people. The fire was lit under it when I come into the home stretch of my Masters of Communication Management program at the Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California.

But you won’t have to pay private school tuition for what I have to share with you.

I commit to giving you FAR more than I take.

If you decide to go on this expedition, you are going to get a lot of gifts. Some of these are gifts you give yourself. But a lot of them will come from me as well, in the form of training on how to create opportunity from the problems you face.

Are you ready? My firm is ready to help you!

Diane Dye Hansen
President and Chief Management Consultant
What Works Consultants

To receive a complimentary corporate or individual consultation to see if Critical Opportunity Theory could help you, contact us.

What Works Consultants, Inc. is the only consulting firm in the nation which uses Diane Dye Hansen’s Critical Opportunity Theory. This theory was developed at the University of Southern California and has created a systematic approach to creating opportunity from any level of problem. This ranges from a suspected problem to an organizational crisis. Critical Opportunity Theory applies to individuals as well as organizations who are looking for a new way to manage change, solve problems, and uncover opportunity.

Opportunities with Critical Opportunity Method

Creating Critical Opportunity, takes the fear out of having problems and encourages readers to become curious when the world tells them NO. It’s available on

Critical Opportunity: Transforming Your Challenges Into Opportunity is currently seeking people who have extensive networks and a great story aligning with the theory to interview for the book, fill out this form to be considered.

The Power of Crappertunity is Diane Dye Hansen’s documentary which will be produced in 2021, produced by Divine Spirit Network. The documentary is currently seeking guests for a virtual production. Those featured must be entrepreneurs who have faced down major problems, challenges, or crisis in life and have come out on top.  Contact Diane Dye Hansen to be considered.

Business Therapy is a radio show, podcast and VODcast seeking guests. We are seeking guests facing a human problem with business: personal psychology, communication, performance, etc. Contact Diane Dye Hansen to be considered.