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Theorist/Researcher ~ Communication Expert ~ Change Maker ~ Entrepreneur ~ Red Tape Cutting Samurai ~ Driver of Solutions

Diane Dye Hansen works with leaders who are eager to connect with employees in a way that is inspiring, joyful, connected, enjoyable, and immediately applicable. What Works teaches the individuals within organizations how they are uniquely wired to handle conflict, problems, and crisis. Hansen’s disruptive Critical Opportunity Method, helps you identify the opportunity in the problems you may be facing.

This message is perfect for any company that has the desire to take a non-standard path to problem solving. The work compels organizations to see ANY problem as an opportunity for success.

Diane does this by creating compelling stage experiences, not just keynotes or speeches, that engage the audience and do LIVE work to bust through perceived limitations and road blocks. She does this differently than other speakers. She connects. She problem solves. And she helps your whole company come closer by teaching connected communication.

To inquire about a special workshop for your group, or to schedule Diane to speak at your conference, simply contact us. 

Diane Dye Hansen helps companies create change for a living! And LOVES it!

– 100% of clients have reported positive change after our work together.
– 0% of clients received cookie cutter coaching, speeches, or programs to achieve this result. Everything Diane does is customized based on her own theory I created and validated at the University of Southern California: Critical Opportunity Method.


  • 20 years of experience in communications consulting, leadership, and creating change.
  • Master of Communication Management – University of Southern California
  •  Certified Problem and Change Manager
  • Expert coach and consultant who has worked with thousands of clients worldwide



Your Biggest Gifts are Hidden In Your Challenges.: Some of life’s biggest gifts are wrapped in trials and tribulations. Diane’s signature talk is more than a talk. For the brave, its an opportunity to step on stage and work through any problem, where it will be transformed into critical opportunity on the spot! Leaders are required to present at least 3 company challenges to be worked through, experientially, on stage.


Critical Opportunity –Leveraging Your Challenges to Create Unseen Opportunity in Your Organization.: Diane Dye Hansen educates leaders about Critical Opportunity Theory and its application in organizational settings. Leaders leave with a road map to question, experiment, and research their areas of responsibility to head crisis off at the pass and extract opportunity from challenging situations.

Downward Spiral Behaviors and Organizational Productivity: Organizational problems often start with the individual handling of performance problems. This topic, for human resource professionals and senior managers, addresses the performance review process, corrective techniques, and how the review process can be utilized to increase individual and organizational productivity.

Reputation, It’s More Than Just Something to Yelp About: Reputation is a key indicator of a continuous improvement opportunity in an organization. In this talk, Hansen shows operations leaders and owners how reputation research can lead to gap analysis, and discovery of opportunities to change policy, processes, and playbooks in order to deliver better results.

Every talk is customized to the audience it is delivered to – no cookie cutters here!

To inquire about a special workshop for your group, or to schedule Diane to speak at your conference, simply contact us. 

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