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“Sparking Transformation: Diane Dye Hansen – A Catalyst for Organizational Change and Leadership Excellence”

Diane Dye Hansen works with leaders who are eager to connect with employees in a way that is inspiring, joyful, connected, enjoyable, and immediately applicable.

With an uncanny ability to connect, inspire, and enlighten, Diane Dye Hansen, Chief Management Consultant at What Works Consultants, is more than just a speaker. She’s a catalyst for change. Diane works with leaders who are passionate about fostering an inspiring, enjoyable, and connected workplace. Utilizing her disruptive Critical Opportunity Method, Diane seeks out hidden opportunities in your challenges, turning problems into platforms for growth.

Diane has a track record spanning over two decades in transforming businesses across diverse industries. Her work has influenced companies like The Press-Enterprise and FUNimation Entertainment, guiding them towards multi-million dollar sales. Her expertise also extends to high-profile clients such as American Airlines, United Airlines, Disney, and Six Flags Theme Parks, all under the SaaS lost and found company, Chargerback.

Offering dynamic stage experiences rather than mere speeches, Diane captivates her audience. She masterfully engages, busting through perceived limitations and roadblocks live on stage. Diane’s approach to problem-solving is unique—she connects, she resolves, she teaches. Her focus is on enhancing communication to unify your organization.

When it comes to creating change, Diane doesn’t just do it, she thrives on it! Her record speaks for itself, with 100% of clients reporting positive change following their collaborations. And no, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach here. Everything Diane offers is custom-tailored, built on her Critical Opportunity Method theory, validated at the University of Southern California.

Spark action in your organization with Diane’s performance experiences. With a pending Doctorate in Organizational Change and Leadership and a Master of Communication Management from the University of Southern California, certification as a Problem and Change Manager, and an impeccable track record across industries, she’s an expert coach and consultant who’s worked with thousands of clients worldwide.

Let Diane Dye Hansen transform your next event into an experience that drives results. 

Speaking Topics:

  1. “The Power of Psychological Safety: Elevating Performance and Innovation in the Workplace”
  2. “The Critical Opportunity Method: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities”
  3. “Promoting Succession: Planning for the Future of Your Business and Beyond”
  4. “Driving Organizational Change: A CEO’s Guide to Successful Reorganization”
  5. “The Art of Internal Communication: Fuel for Organizational Success”

Ready for an experience that sparks action and creates results? Let Diane Dye Hansen guide your team to incredible heights!


Every talk is customized to the audience it is delivered to – no cookie-cutters here!

To inquire about a special workshop for your group, or to schedule Diane to speak at your conference, simply contact us. 

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