Our Process

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At What Works Consultants, we are transparent about our methodology. Every WWC project follows the following consulting process to completion. You always know where you are on the solution timeline. Think of us as trusted advisors, and consultants you can turn to any time you have a problem that impacts the human element of your organization.

We dig into your problem situation by understanding the full picture of the situation.

  • Your challenges
  • What you have tried
  • What success looks like to you


  • Our consultants conduct primary research studies and/or pull secondary research to continue to understand the situation or begin to apply best practices and empirical research to your situation


  • Our consultants analyze the discovery and all research findings, including research you provide us if you desire, to understand the full picture of the situation.


  • Our consultants develop a presentation that recaps the problem, synthesizes our research and analysis, and presents recommendations for resolution.

Project Planning

  • Our consultants engage in step-by-step project planning, including running pilots if needed to resolve your challenge.

Implementation/Partnership Introduction

  • Our team of expert consultants actively participates in the implementation of your project, including introducing you to our vetted partners who can help you when our expertise doesn’t cover the need.