Policies, Processes, and Playbooks

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Many companies have policies, but the internal communication stops there.

Policy: A document stating a company decision

Process: Lists what the team must do to complete a company action

Playbook: Lists step by step, action by action, what the individual must do in order to be successful 

Training: A run through of the play book, processes, and policies to assure all employees are on board and ready to run in the same direction

Our goal is to create excellence for your company in these areas. We do this through:

  • Discovery: We will review your existing policies, processes, playbooks and training protocols. We provide suggestions for improvement which can be done with you, using your in house team.
  • Planning: We can create a project plan to shore up any weaknesses.
  • Implementation: We help you roll out the change management portion of the initiative and assist you with any challenges you may meet along the way.

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