Referral Friend Affiliate Program

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The What Works Consultants Referral Friend Program is an open program for referral that pays 15% of the first agreement and 5% for the life of the client you bring us. (Hello passive affiliate income!)

Become a friend: Becoming a referral friend is as simple as saying you would like to be one. Simply email us and sign up for the What Works for Business Tip Sheet. You will be tagged in our system as a referral friend and will be kept up to date on firm developments and new opportunities for referral.

To refer: Email us with a client introduction (warm introduction). We take it from there. We provide reports on your referral funds earned on a monthly basis.

Referral categories:

  • Key Player Team Coaching (Teams of 5 or more)
  • Executive Coaching
  • Performance Improvement Plan Coaching
  • Internal Process Improvement Research – Root Cause Analysis
  • Strategy Development Consulting
  • Internal Process Development
  • Process Training for Teams (Only available with development contract)

Referral friends are provided with one-sheets for each service type and a single capabilities sheet. We often engage in reciprocal referrals with our referral friends. After all, friends do business with each other!

Happy referring!