It takes mud for a seed to grow.
Grow toward the light.
It takes mud for a seed to grow.
It takes mud and darkness for a seed to grow.

This morning, I was doing my daily spiritual readings and I stumbled upon something I needed to be reminded of. Seeds need dirt and water (mud) to grow. Mud is messy. It’s not pretty, it gets all over you and, if you let it dry, it can be hard to chip off. But its absolutely necessary for growth. When the seed is in the dark, it’s still getting nurtured by heat, water, soil, minerals, and nutrients. It’s not a pretty place to be, but soon the seed uses those tools to sprout. Soon, the plant is reaching up toward the sunlight. It’s fruitful, with flowers or food. It is fulfilling it’s life’s purpose.

Do you ever feel like the seed under the mud? It’s difficult to see the benefits and pre-growth you are experiencing when you are shrouded in darkness. But it’s there, nourishing you, fortifying you, and helping you sprout to your next challenge.

I’m reminded of when I moved to Carson City. Most people plan a move based on job opportunities, schools, family, or other supportive factors. I moved here under none of those conditions. I was thrown here by the universe, thrust underground compared to my fast-paced lifestyle in Dallas or Los Angeles, to recover, learn, germinate, and sprout. Do I know what’s next? No. Am I grateful for the shift? Absolutely!

I encourage my clients to plan, but I also encourage them to leave space for opportunity to enter. Our finite minds cannot imagine what is possible when we allow room for the infinite to come in and use our right action to create magic in our lives. It’s amazing!

If you are stuck in the dark, I encourage you to try a few exercises in my free workbook. Or, just read something positive to shift you. Understand that the muddy mindset or situation is only a temporary state and you can learn from it to grow toward the light.

Get ready to hack your life.

This talk by Logan LaPlante at a University TEDx event has us inspired today. We’re so inspired that we’d like to ask you a simple question.

Are you a hacker?

Don’t worry, the NSA isn’t looking over our shoulder, tazers at the ready because we are part of an elite task force to find hackers and destroy them. In fact, we’re bold enough to say (inspired by this video) that hacking is a good thing.

“Hackers are innovators. Hackers are people who challenge and change the systems to make them work differently, to make them work better. It’s just how they think. It’s a mindset.” – Jordan LaPlante


Pick one thing in your life, one little thing, and hack it. Maybe its the behavior problem your kid is having. Been reading the parenting books on it? Well, try something new, untested, see if it works with your kid. Maybe its a deadline you have to reach. Is there a shortcut you can take that won’t compromise quality? Need help figuring out a hack for your life, career or business? Just contact us. Otherwise, comment below and tell us what you are going to hack to make your life even better than it already is.