Receive more by making a gratitude list.

Be Grateful

This morning, I woke up very grateful. Sunday was very successful, both for me and my clients, at the Festival of Earthly Treasures in Carson City. I spoke with clients on a variety of complex issues from growing a business to personal time management. I ask every client at the end of every session, whether it’s 10 minutes or 10 days, whether it was valuable and beneficial and I am happy to report that everyone said yes yesterday. That makes me so happy.

I woke up grateful that:

  • I am able to be an agent of change in my clients’ lives and businesses and help improve peoples’ lives.
  • I have supportive people in my life who are my biggest cheerleaders.
  • I had a choice this morning, to engage in self-care at home or attend Kaia, a great woman-only group workout I do. (I chose self-care and quality time with my pets.)
  • I have a mind, so that I may learn, and a healthy body, so that I may move to where I am needed (and where I want to be) today.
  • I have a home, a car, I am not lacking for basics. (I was actually homeless for four months. Talk to me and I will tell you the story.)

These are just a few of the things I am grateful for today that are present on my gratitude list.

Daily Exercise: What are you grateful for? No matter how difficult life may seem, or how many challenges the day may throw your way, take some time with yourself and think of five things you are grateful for. 

When you express your gratitude, you make more room for good to come in. It’s like the universe responds by saying, “I appreciate that. Here, have some more good stuff and tell me what you think.”

I’d love to hear your results with writing your gratitude list in the comments below. Have a great and grateful day!