TrendSpotting: Research as a Department

TrendSpotting: Research as a Department
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Big Idea Shaping the Workplace of 2030: Adding a Research Department to Increase Utilization of Insights

The trendspotters at WWC see Research as department that Human Resources, Operations, and Marketing can go to for insights. This department will save companies money by decreasing guesswork. This is especially important when executing change within an organization. The research department would provide an objective third-party look at data. It would also provide reports to key departments to inform decision-making.

Why Research is Important for Organizations

Empathetic change management is the wave of the future. We believe that positive organizational change will only be made possible when change agents recognize the impact of internal research, process, internal communication, and people operations.

When companies execute change without objective insights it can result in costly missteps that could have been avoided by asking a few critical questions. This creates data-driven organizations responding to real-world insights, attitudes, and emotions. Change is more likely to stick when it is executed empathetically. Executing empathetic changes makes dollars and sense.

The Alternative: Utilizing Consulting Firms for Research

Companies will increase their usage of small consulting firms in the absence of a research department providing an objective source of data. This will help them understand their internal state to make vital business decisions.

Testing a change idea? Think you might need to research internal or external stakeholders before you innovate? Are you thinking of starting a research department? Dip your toe in the water before going all in. Connect with our Chief Management Consultant, Diane Dye Hansen, for 30 minutes to assess your research needs related to the change you are executing.

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